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Eliatra provides professional support for OpenSearch with guaranteed SLAs.

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By Eliatra
Eliatra provides professional, enterprise-grade support for OpenSearch, OpenSearch Dashboards, and related technologies.
OpenSearch is an true Open Source, Apache2 licensed fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana. Developed under the stewardship of Amazon AWS, it is a community-driven project and the only Open Source alternative to Elasticsearch after Elastic changed the license from Apache2 to ELv2/SSPL.

Using Open Source in production

We all know and love Open Source software. However, from a business point of view, there are several questions you need to consider when using such software for mission-critical data and processes:
    To whom can I refer to when there are any questions regarding setup, configuration or system integration?
    What can I do when there are issues with the software in my production environment?
    What can I do when I encounter a bug in the software?
Since most Open Source projects are community-driven, you cannot sign any support contract with the maintainer(s) of the project. Instead, you need to rely on community forums, blog posts, or other sources should you have any questions or issues.
“Running unsupported Open Source software in production is a no-go.”
If you encounter an issue, especially on production systems, you can only use systems like GitHub Issues to open a ticket. If and when the ticket is being answered, or if and when a bug is being fixed is uncertain. This is a big no-go for mission-critical production systems.

Enterprise support for OpenSearch

We’ve got you covered! Eliatra offers enterprise-grade support for OpenSearch, OpenSearch Dashboards, and related technologies. Our thoroughly trained and certified consultants provide you with year-long experience running large-scale systems based on Elasticsearch and Lucene in the cloud or on-premise.
Our support packages include:
    Direct access to our support staff via our online support portal, email or phone
    Guaranteed response times covered by SLAs
    P1-P3 priority classification:
      P1 mission-critical
      P2 – key features unusable
      P3 – not operating as documented
    Bug handling: Our support engineers work together with the OpenSearch maintainers to identify and fix any bugs encountered
    Snapshot handling: If a bugfix does not make it into the official release in time, we provide you with an OpenSearch snapshot for your infrastructure
    Access to our enhanced documentation and knowledge base (coming soon)

Professional services and custom development

Eliatra also offers professional services and even custom development for OpenSearch. If you need assistance with implementing your use-case with OpenSearch technologies, or if you need a specific feature that is not available yet, we can help!
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