OpenSearch Custom Development

Eliatra provides custom development for OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards, helping you to implement any use case you need.

Running mission-critical systems in production based on Open Source Software (OSS) is nowadays rather the norm than the exception. This also applies to OpenSearch. OpenSearch is a true Open Source, Apache2 licensed fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana, initiated by AWS.
Driven by the Open Source community, OpenSearch provides a powerful platform for ingesting, analyzing, and visualizing your data. It comes with sophisticated security features, anomaly detection and alerting, SQL support, and even Machine Learning capabilities.
However, from our experience, not all use cases are created equal. If you lack a specific feature in OpenSearch or OpenSearch Dashboards, Eliatra offers custom development services.

OpenSearch custom development

Our fully trained, certified, and experienced group of developers can provide you with custom feature development tailored to your use case. For example:
    Authentication and authorization providers to integrate OpenSearch with your existing identity management systems
    Alerting connectors to ship OpenSearch events reliably to any existing real-time notification system
    Custom ingest processors for data pre-processing
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