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Eliatra OpenSearch Distro

Eliatra’s distribution for OpenSearch provides long-term support for enterprise customers using OpenSearch including:

  • Vulnerability testing
  • CVE fixes
  • Rapid response bug fixes / feature enhancements / workarounds
  • Contribution of bug fixes / feat CVE fixes
  • Rapid response bug fixes

All services in one hand

We’ve got you covered! Eliatra offers consulting and professional services for OpenSearch, OpenSearch Dashboards, and related technologies. Our thoroughly trained, certified, and experienced consultants can provide rapid time to value, high-quality implementations, and significantly raise the probability of a successful OpenSearch project.


Eliatra provides custom development for OpenSearch and OpenSearch dashboards, enabling seamless implementation of any required use case. Our focus is exclusively on the OpenSearch platform offering you trusted expertise, operational support, and professional services.

We can set-up, configure and run any OpenSearch environment, take care of your migration from the Elastic Stack, and fine tune specific features based on individual use cases.

New from the Eliatra labs

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Cloud Lock

Eliatra Cloud Tresor is a plugin that enables Encryption at Rest for OpenSearch indices and snapshot, and encrypts all your OpenSearch data that resides on disk. It enables you to regain complete control over your data on OpenSearch deployments on public or private clouds, or on-premises installations to protect your data at rest.

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Sub Minute Ephemeral Kubernetes (SMEK) is a managed service that provisions ephemeral Kubernetes clusters in less than a minute (typically in less than 5 seconds). It is an API-centric service for developers and DevOps engineers who need to provision isolated Kubernetes clusters for test and development purposes.

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