Eliatra OpenSearch Distro

Eliatra provides an OpenSearch distribution with guaranteed SLAs for mission-critical production systems via Eliatra Support.

Eliatra OpenSearch Distro
Introducing Eliatra OpenSearch Distribution (EOD): a robust, reliable, and secure enhancement to the OpenSearch ecosystem, tailored for modern enterprises' intricate needs. EOD offers long-term support, 100% compatibility with standard OpenSearch, and world-class support with rapid response to issues, direct access to our team, and yearly health checks, available up to 24x7.

Why EOD?

EOD addresses unique challenges of using Open Source software for mission-critical operations, providing robust, reliable, and secure platform with professional support and guaranteed SLAs!
Key Features
  • Long Term support for Enterprise customers including vulnerability testing
  • CVE fixes
  • Rapid response Bug fixes / Feature enhancements / workarounds
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Development services
Find more details about EOD support here.
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