Eliatra Cloud Lock

Eliatra Cloud Lock introduces Encryption at Rest (EAR) for OpenSearch indices and snapshots, putting you in full command of your data, even in public cloud environments.

The Essential Plugin

Empower your OpenSearch deployments with Eliatra Cloud Lock, the essential plugin for encrypting all data residing on disk. Eliatra Cloud Lock ensures comprehensive data control, particularly crucial for deployments on public clouds. Whether in private clouds or on- premises installations, Eliatra Cloud Lock safeguards your data at rest.
Key Features
  • Encrypts all OpenSearch data on disk.
  • Compatible with Docker, Kubernetes, EC2, and on-premises environments.
  • Minimal configuration required.
  • Licenses and supported together with EOD with no extra charge.
  • Helps to stay GDPR compliant.
  • Securely delete your data by simply deleting the key.
  • Almost no limitations, works also with vectors and K-NN.
  • Provides an extra layer of security for critical or sensitive datasets.

How it Works

Eliatra Cloud Lock seamlessly integrates as an OpenSearch plugin, installable like any other. Regardless of your environment - Docker, Kubernetes, EC2, or on-premises servers - Eliatra Cloud Lock operates effortlessly, requiring minimal setup.
Once installed and initialized, create encrypted indices effortlessly. Data within encrypted indices remains securely stored on disk, inaccessible without the correct decryption key, which is exclusively held in secure memory on cluster nodes and never stored on the server's disk.
Cloud Lock is included in the Eliatra OpenSearch Distro.
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