Eliatra Professional Solutions

Eliatra's Professional Solutions encompass Migration, Professional Services, and Custom Development tailored for enterprises leveraging OpenSearch.


Transitioning from Elasticsearch to the OpenSearch Stack? We've got you covered. Here's what you need to consider for a seemless migration:
Data: While both platforms are based on Lucene, direct data file transfer isn't feasible due to limited binary compatibility. Consider options like Snapshot/Restore or the Reindex API.
Feature Compatibility: Ensure your essential Elasticsearch features have equivalents in OpenSearch. Check out our comparison guide for assistance.
Configuration: Configuration files may need manual adjustments to align with OpenSearch standards. Our blog posts offer step-by-step guidance on TLS Setup, Users, Roles, Document- and Field-level security, and User Impersonation.
Get started with our OpenSearch Migration Prerequisites and streamline your migration journey today! Read more about our Migration offering.

Professional Services

Eliatra offers consulting and professional services for OpenSearch, the Apache 2 licensed data analytics solution, and its related technologies.
Open Source software is integral to modern workflows, powering critical systems in production. OpenSearch, a fully licensed fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana, continues this tradition, driven by community collaboration.
As a versatile tool for data ingestion, analysis, and visualization, OpenSearch supports diverse use cases, from log streams to financial transactions. Yet, navigating its complexity can be daunting. That's where we step in.
Eliatra's team of certified consultants and solution architects ensures rapid deployment, high- quality implementations, and successful project outcomes. From Proof of Concept to architecture recommendations, we provide end-to-end services tailored to your needs.
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Custom Development for OpenSearch

Eliatra offers tailored solutions for OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards, addressing your unique needs.
As OSS gains traction, OpenSearch emerges as a powerful choice, boasting advanced features driven by the community. However, if standard features fall short, Eliatra provides custom development services.
Our certified team crafts bespoke solutions, including:

  • Authentication and authorization integration.
  • Reliable alerting connectors.
  • Custom data pre-processing.
Unleash the full potential of OpenSearch with Eliatra's expertise. Talk to us today!
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