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Eliatra offers consulting and profession services for OpenSearch, the Open Source and Apache2 licensed data analytics solution based on Elasticsearch.

Open Source has come a long way. We all love it, use it in our day-to-day work and run mission critical systems in production based on Open Source software. Most projects are driven by the community, and OpenSearch, a fully Apache2 licensed for of Elasticsearch and Kibana is no different.
OpenSearch, as Elasicsearch, is a powerful tool for ingesting, analyzing, and visualizing all kinds of data. It includes, but is not limited to, log streams, financial transactions, system events, or time series. OpenSearch can be used to implement many different use cases, and it can be integrated into any kind of IT infrastructure.
However, sometimes, with great flexibility comes complexity, and the path forward to implement your specific use cases is not clear. The good news is: We’ve got you covered!

OpenSearch professional services

Eliatra offers consulting and professional services for OpenSearch, OpenSearch Dashboards, and related technologies.
Our fully trained, certified, and experienced group of highly experienced Consultants and Solution Architects can provide rapid time to value, high-quality implementations and significantly raise the probability of a successful OpenSearch Project.
We provide the full range of services, such as Proof of Concept (on-premise or in the cloud) to architecture and design recommendations, to developing new use cases.
Just need some initial help to get OpenSearch up and running? Need to integrate OpenSearch in your existing IT infrastructure, connecting to many different systems and services? Just drop is a note and find out what Eliatra can do for you and your OpenSearch project.
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