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Migrating from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch can follow numerous different paths due to the possible complexity and scale of the Elasticsearch infrastructure. If you are thinking about a move to OpenSearch, our Elasticsearch to OpenSearch migration blog series covers everything you need to know before, during, and after.
There are two migrating series, and four to five blogs in each series. Series one details the reasons for migrating, and the different types of migration methods. Series two covers post-migration, and examines the security aspects of going from X-Pack to OpenSearch security.

Series One - Migrating

What do you need to know before migrating your cluster from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch? Is this a suitable migration endeavour to undertake - we think it is! The first series of blogs covers the reasons and prerequisites for migrating, as well as the different types of migrations when you decide to proceed.
Elasticsearch to OpenSearch Migration: Prerequisites In the first blog from series one, it discusses the prerequisites that you need to ensure are in place before migrating to OpenSearch, as well as looking at the reasons for doing so.
In the subsequent blog articles, series one goes through the specific types of migration and the rationale behind choosing each method. These migration methods are Snapshot/Restore, Full Cluster Restart/Reindex API, and Rolling Restart. Each of these blogs provides an overview of each method, pros and cons, as well as specific commands in codeblock examples.

Series Two - X-Pack to OpenSearch Security

In the second blog series, we provide a thorough description of the implications of migrating from X-Pack security to OpenSearch security, and what it means for securing your clusters.
There are five blog articles in the series, with each one covering how to migrate a particular aspect of X-Pack security over to the equivalent in OpenSearch. The security migration blogs cover TLS settings, native realm users to Internal User Database, Custom Roles and mapping privileges to Action Groups, document level and field level security, and run_as to User Impersonation.
Each blog article discusses the different aspects of X-Pack security, and the details of each in respect to OpenSearch. Like the first blog series, it gives example configurations and codeblocks that you can use.
So, if you would like to migrate to OpenSearch but don’t know where to start, want to figure out which migration path to take, or need any assistance with any aspect of OpenSearch, we can provide all of the answers!

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