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OpenSearchCon 2022: Eliatra Suite Future Feature Vote - Results

We have a lot of exciting features in the pipeline: Encryption at REST, Spring Boot Support, Monitoring, K8s Operator, and Infrastructure Management. What will the community vote for?

OpenSearchCon 2022

Eliatra attended the first OpenSearchCon in Seatlle a few weeks ago. The event was a great opportunity to meet in person. As well as the general excitment from the community, we were inspired by the OpenSearch Road Map and especially await more news on SegRep!

Future Features

It was also a great place to introduce Eliatra as an OpenSearch partner, present what we offer and even ask for input on upcoming features. We had a Future Feature Poll at our booth where everyone could vote for what should come next! These were the options:

Encryption at REST

Encrypt your OpenSearch data indices on disk, per index, without losing one bit of functionality. Meet all major security compliance regulations, even when running OpenSearch on a public cloud.

Spring Boot Support

Integrate OpenSearch as a datasource into your Spring Boot project with ease.


Monitor the health of all your OpenSearch clusters with a click of a button. Automatically receive notifications about anomalies with ready-made improvement suggestions.

Infrastructure Management

Not running OpenSearch on K8s? Take advantage of Eliatra OpenSearch Infrastructure Management. Upgrade your cluster using rolling restarts and apply scripted changes to all nodes in your cluster.
We also provided a space for “Any other wishes?” Asking directly what features the community wants is always exciting! Eliatra-Suite-FutureFeatureVote-OtherWishes
And so, drumroll please. The results: Eliatra-Suite-FutureFeatureVote
As you can see, Monitoring takes the lead! We are excited for this input and will definetly take this into our product roadmap. Look out for announcement of new features coming soon! To see what we currently offer with the Eliatra Suite please read more here.
A big thanks to everyone that voted! And of course an extra thank you to OpenSearchCon for a great event! See you next year!
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