May the Fourth Be With You

Today we embark on a new journey, a new horizon awaits. AWS, Open Search and Eliatra continue to work side by side.

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By eliatra
We all have learnt many things from Star Wars, especially the effort and deciation needed to master ones craft. The slow and steady path that is often the route of security software, may be cast aside for more tempting shortcuts and shiny new stars. For us, this day reminds us to stay on the long and windy road with pure intentions, for this will deliver the most steadfast code.
Security, honesty, freedom and trust are our core values and align with the personal ethics of our team. They are also fitting to be members of a pioneering community channeling new technologies and constantly reaching for the stars. We trust in the power of the force.
Today we celebrate cross Galaxian partnerships and those a little closer to home. AWS, Open Search and Eliatra continue to work side by side and we are excited for the conference in Seattle in September this year. Hopefully we will meet many of the community in person!
We trust in the force, and also the force within our Open Source community. Being long standing members of the open source community, we will continue our contribution to exciting projects.
May the 4th be with you all.
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