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Eliatra - A Year of Growth

A year in review for 2022; What we are passionate about, who we are, how we work and where we are going.

Open Source and OpenSearch

Eliatra is all about Open Source and OpenSearch. This year we focused on supporting the OpenSearch project in general and helping users and customers migrate from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch. The Open Source philosophy and mindset is one of our core principles, so we are proud to be an official OpenSearch partner and to contribute to the project.
We have been active on the OpenSearch forum answering questions about OpenSearch security. We have written a series of articles on how to migrate from Elasticsearch and X-Pack to OpenSearch, read the latest one here.

Our Mission

Our mission is pretty easy: Providing solutions for OpenSearch and driving the project forward. We have in-depth expertise with Elasticsearch and X-Pack, so we can help you migrate your Elastic Stack to OpenSearch, sometimes even without downtime.
We provide enterprise support with guaranteed SLAs for companies running OpenSearch in mission-critical parts of their infrastructure. We can hunt down and fix bugs, and deliver hotfix releases even before they are actually available from the OpenSearch project.

Growing the Team

We were able to grow our team of developers substantially in 2022. Finding the right people was always challenging, and it has not become any easier in the last couple of years. So we are thankful that we were able to fill our most important positions with veterans in the field who bring expert knowledge and a dedication to customer needs to the table.
Shameless plug: We are hiring! If you are interested in OpenSearch Backend or Frontend Development, please drop us a note.

OpenSearch Conf

One of the highlights this year was the OpenSearch Conference in Seattle, which we attended as an OpenSearch Partner.
There were many great talks with likeminded companies like, IronCloud, Oracle, Opster, Greylog as well as super insightful talks about the OpenSearch roadmap itself. It was cool to see that the announcements at OSConf made it to the OS Roadmap right away, and that since the conference many of them have already been worked on, and some of them are available at the time of writing.
A key takeaway for us from the conference was the tremendous support and investments from huge, mid-sized and smaller companies alike. This project (AWS) really succeeded in getting lots of players on board and making it a true Open Source Project. This is also emphasised by the speed the project has taken on. The number of features and improvements being worked on at the same time is insane. Some of them already made it into the 2.4.0 release.

Remote Work

Eliatra is a remote-first company. While our main office is in Dublin, we have people all over Ireland, Europe, and even the US contributing to our mission. Modern tools make it easier to work together when you are not in the same place at the same time, but it also creates challenges. We have written a couple of blog posts about our experiences with building a remote-first company, read them here:
IMG 6167(2)

Eliatra Suite

In addition to the services Eliatra provides, we have also been busy with implementing the Eliatra Suite. Read the details here and look out for more info early next year.

Our Next Steps Forward

We are clear that we want to provide the full package for all customers using OpenSearch at an enterprise level. We will do this by continuing to become a trusted partner when it comes to OpenSearch migration and operation. Alongside this, we will provide tools and plugins to bring OpenSearch to the next level.
There is a lot to do in 2023 and we are very excited. We will provide sophisticated encryption features that allow you to host your sensitive data in public clouds while still being compliant with regulations like PCI, SOCS, GDPR or HIPAA.
A big thanks to everyone who has been a part of our journey so far, lets’s make 2023 great together.
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