Remote-First: What Works for Us

We are one of the many companies that operate on a remote-first basis with our team. We have done so since day one, and want to share what works for us.

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By Eliatra
We are one of the many companies that operate on a remote-first basis with our team. We have done so since day one, and want to share what works for us. 
The first thing to note is that we are a small team, large public corporations with complex hierarchies might need different approaches to those we use on day to day basis. None of us are trained psychologists, so everything that follows is based on our experience.

Why Remote-First?

Initially, the essential factor to manage this endeavor with the remote-first approach was the love for being a digital nomad from several members of our team. Simply grabbing your machine, a few basic items, and your curious open mind to go out and explore the world whilst being able to work from anywhere was the main driver for this approach. While the team has grown, another influence shaped this way of working together: Parenthood. 
While some members of the team are happy roving around and it is always a surprise where they are going to connect from tomorrow, others appreciate the freedom to handle work while exploring the challenges of a more residential family-centered way of life.

In the Real World  

What people with such different approaches have in common is a high priority for self-organisation. Our nomads have to handle the different timezones, interruptions of electricity, or network availability in order to check-in and stay connected to the rest of the team. Running a family presents different challenges such as finding uninterrupted time and space while providing continuous care for little ones. 

The Main Tools 

A critical aspect in managing this is the importance of a basic easy structure to organise oneself around. If meeting schedules frequently change or if roles and responsibilities are not clear, it is nearly impossible to keep all participants happy. Transparency and clear structure really enable working remotely for us. 

Making it Work

There is no secret - it’s all about trust. And while this is the main ingredient, the spice that needs to be added is integrating every individual to feel part of the team, that’s it.
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