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Wellness & Technology: A Helping Hand

In this article we will look at the relationship between technology and wellness and the positive impacts it can make for individuals and resources available to all.

In our previous blog Global Wellness: Burnout Prevention and Buffer Overflow we looked at the importance of wellness and the prevention of burnout. In this article, we will look at the relationship between technology and wellness and the positive impacts for individuals and resources available to all.
Health and wellness have always been a vitally important aspect of life; however, it has recently become a global trend which has seen an increase in individuals prioritising their health and wellness and acting to improve or better one’s health and wellness. In the technology-driven world we live in; it can be argued that technology has played a significant part in enabling people to take control of their health and wellbeing.
One of the key benefits of technology is enabling individuals access to an infinite amount of information in various forms, from apps, blogs, videos, podcasts, live chats etc. This use of technology is true for access to information based on health and wellbeing. However, it can sometimes be overwhelming, so we have provided examples of technology tools with a positive influence on health and wellbeing. Like everything in life, balance is key and there are some elements of life, health and wellness in which there are no technological replacements, and those elements are just as important.
Bill Hettler the Co-Founder of the National Wellness Institute (NWI) created a model known as the Interdependent model for the six dimensions of wellness, breaking down wellness into six categories each focusing and encouraging different aspects of wellness.
Individuals have their own definition of wellness and what wellness means to them, and some individuals will prioritize certain dimensions over others due to their personal preferences. Wellness is personal and individual there is no right or wrong, it is a unique journey, different for all.

Physical Wellness

One’s need for regular physical activity and a good diet.
Physical wellness has always been a top priority globally when discussing health and wellness, there is a constant emphasis on individuals eating well, consuming a healthy and nutritious diet whilst being physically active and getting enough sleep. With the release of the Apple watch in 2015 and other smartwatches individuals were able to track their fitness levels in a way they never could before, since this there has been an influx of apps where individuals are able to track their steps, fitness levels and sleep patterns.
Technology has allowed individuals to gain access to information on physical wellness more easily than ever before, there are apps in which individuals are able to gain access to foods nutritional values, track food intakes and generally inform and educate individuals on nutrition and diet. Fitness apps have become one of the most used wellbeing apps, allowing users access to free and paid workouts, exercises and information for all fitness levels, from homework outs to yoga and weight training.

Emotional Wellness

One’s awareness and acceptance of emotions and feelings.
Mental Health has been a topic which historically held stigma and nervousness when broached as a conversational topic however, mental health awareness has increased, and individuals are more engaged in discussing, learning and dealing with this aspect of wellness.
During 2019 – 2021 there was an increase in individuals turning to technology for help and solutions when dealing with Emotional wellness, whether that be for stress, anxiety or therapy. Technology allowed individuals access to speak to Drs and therapists online whether via an app or video call, there are apps in which individuals can break down scenarios and situations to help them understand and process their emotions, including meditation and podcasts which opened greater discussions on the topic of emotional wellbeing.

Occupational Wellness

One’s personal satisfaction and enrichment in individuals’ life through work.
Occupational wellness is the concept of encouraging individuals to attempt to maximise their workplace satisfaction/ happiness by focusing on work that brings individuals a sense of accomplishment, joy and satisfaction. For a very long time, this aspect of wellness was disregarded, and people spent lifetimes in jobs of employments which were deemed unsatisfying, and people didn’t enjoy.
Today individuals are encouraged to take or look at career paths which will find job satisfaction and occupational wellness, speak to career mentors and gain a better understanding of occupations. Whilst still a work in progress there has been a shift within a society where people and organisations are focusing on this element far more than ever before.
Technology has enabled individuals access to information on different types of careers, provides insight into industries and technology itself has given birth to various new sectors and career paths, for example, coding, programmers, influences, podcasters and many more.
The use of smartphones, laptops, cloud-based storage, and internet-based communication tools such as Microsoft Teams has allowed a whole new way of working to exist. Individuals can work from almost anywhere if they have a smart device, organisations are encouraging individuals to work from home allowing a work-life balance.
Technology has also changed the way in which the employment sector works globally, people now have access to various platforms where they are able to search, view and apply for jobs, complete online courses and training for career changes or improvement.

Social Wellness

One’s environment through community including nature.
Whilst the foundation of social wellness encourages individuals to engage with communities and nature, this aspect of wellness typically asks individuals to disconnect from technology however technology has been vital in keeping people connected. Technology allows individuals to find communities they may not have before and then engage with these communities virtually and physically.
Travel is a great example of how technological advancements have allowed individuals to also focus on social wellness, access to trains, aeroplanes and transport allows individuals to re-connect with nature, explore countries, cultures and experiences which at one time people were unable to, enriching individuals lives with these experiences, connecting with communities and cultures.

Intellectual Wellness

Creative and stimulating mental activities.
Creativity, mental stimulation, knowledge expansion and sharing are aspects of wellness that can sometimes be overlooked. Whilst we are constantly surrounded by information, it is not always content that is informative or stimulating. One’s personal journey with this aspect of wellness is just as important as physical wellness. Intellectual wellness aims to stretch and challenge individuals’ minds with intellect, creativity and change.
Due to having vast amounts of information at one’s fingertips technology allows this element of wellness to be monumental, having the access to learning, writing, art, design, music, film and so much more. Technology has led to apps and websites enabling one to learn languages, skills, experience events, and creative masterpieces. Whilst creativity, mental stimulation and intellectual growth can also be done in the traditional methods, technology has catapulted the access to these resources and the ability to share these works to new levels.

Spiritual Wellness

One’s search for meaning and purpose in one’s existence.
Mindfulness, meditation and spiritual wellness is a trend which has globally taken over this year, its main purpose is the process by which individuals seek meaning and purpose in life. Since 2021 there has been a mass trend in spiritual wellness, from mediation apps, mindfulness podcasts and books on spiritual wellness.
Access to detailed and informed information on ways to improve and practice spiritual wellness are everywhere and people are being encouraged to practice this form of wellness on a regular basis. Whilst not a traditional form of wellness technology provides endless resources and access to this information. The act of spiritual wellness is an individual journey from within and is best carried out without the use of technology.

Technological Tools

There are many tools to help one’s journey with wellness:
Nike Run This smart watch compatible app is perfect for all types of runners from beginners to pro’s. Its features include Power Music, Audio Coaches and guided runs.
Daily Yoga Over 100 Yoga & Meditation classes, including a “better yourself in only two weeks” begginer-friendly course.
LinkedIn A Occupational / Employment community of resources and information, get involved in conversations and connect with individuals within your field.
Indeed Find the job you actually want in over 62 Countries in one place.
Duolingo 100% Free & the most convenient and popular way to learn a language, offering 39 Language courses, there was never a better time to start.
Headspace Headspace was started with one mission: to improve the health and happiness of the world. Offering two types of free trials, the app offers guided meditations, sleep techniques, mindful workouts daily of various lengths - there is something for everyone with Headspace!
Calm Voted the number one app for Sleep, Relaxation & Meditation and the winner of Apple Best of 2018.
BetterHelp Access to profressional, vetted and licensed therapists from a smart device all over the world. A affordable and convienet service, allowing individuals to get help for whatever struggles they may be facing at anytime at their fingertips.
On Purpose – Jay Shetty Podcast From #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Jay Shetty, with a purpose of making wisdom viral from having fasinating conversations with insigful individuals, two new episodes every week covering topics everyone faces.


Health and wellbeing are a vital part of life, when one becomes aware of this importance and prioritises healthy living it can be life-changing. Wellness has a different meaning to all; however, the basic concept is universal. Technology, the access to information and resources in various formats is a tool that can be used to help all, a tool that is at one’s fingertips.
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