OpenSearch FAQ

Frequently asked questions about OpenSearch.

What is OpenSearch?

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What is OpenSearch Dashboards?

OpenSearch Dashboards is a data visualization and exploration tool for OpenSearch, initially based on Kibana.

How is OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboard licensed?

OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards are published as Open Source Software under the Apache License 2 (ALv2).

Why was OpenSearch created?

Beginning of 2021, Elastic decided to abandon its commitment to FOSS and announced it would change the license of most of its products from Apache2 to proprietary ones. This created a demand for a FOSS replacement, laying the foundation for OpenSearch.

Are Elasticsearch and Kibana still Open Source Software?

No. Both products are published under licenses not approve by the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Usage restrictions will apply.

How is OpenSearch different from Elasticsearch?

OpenSearch is based on Elasticsearch and offers similar functionality. In contrast to Elasticsearch, OpenSearch is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

Is OpenSearch a FOSS replacement for Elasticsearch?

Yes, OpenSearch can be used as an Open Source replacement for Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack, although both products offer slightly different features and priorities.

Can I use OpenSearch to offer managed services?

Yes. OpenSearch is licensed under Apache License 2, so you can use it to offer managed services and monetize on the product.

Why should I rather use OpenSearch than Elasticsearch?

OpenSearch is a FOSS project, so you can use it any way you want, embed it in other products and also offer any services based on it. Elasticsearch is published under proprietary licenses (SSPL and Elastic License v2), therefore legal restrictions may apply to your usage of these products.

Who is behind OpenSearch?

OpenSearch was initiated by Amazon Web Services, but maintained as a community-driven Open Source project, with maintainers also outside of AWS. Companies like RedHat, SAP or have joined the project.

Is OpenSearch compatible with Elasticsearch?

OpenSearch is forked from Elasticsearch and is compatible with Elasticsearch up to 7.10.2. OpenSearch can use indices from Elasticsearch versions 6.0 up to 7.10.

Can I upgrade from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch?

Since OpenSearch is wire-compatible with Elasticsearch 7.0.0 up to 7.10.2, you can upgrade from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch without downtime via a rolling restart.

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