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Eliatra Suite for OpenSearch is here!

The Eliatra Suite for OpenSearch makes security and alerting easier than ever.

We are super proud to announce the release of Eliatra Suite 1.0.0 for OpenSearch 2.5.x and 2.6.x. Our entire team has been working really hard over the last couple of weeks, and put some blood, sweat and tears into it. And, of course, a lot of love and dedication.
For the impatient, head to the downloads page and spin it right away. If you first want to know what Eliatra Suite is anyways, read on!

Security and Alerting Have Never Been Easier

Meet Eliatra Suite Security Plus and Eliatra Suite Alerting Plus, the first two modules we make available in the Eliatra Suite. If you are looking for a robust, enterprise-grade security and alerting solution that is both easy to set up and configure while providing a maximum range of features, the Eliatra Suite is for you. Security and Alerting for OpenSearch have never been easier!

Eliatra Suite Security Plus

Security Plus comes with many improvements in terms of flexibility and user orientation.
As with other security solutions, Security Plus supports all industry-standard authentication and authorization technologies, like LDAP, OIDC, SAML, Kerberos, or JWT. We support fine-grained access control on the document and field level and provide an extensive audit module that helps you comply with regulations like GDPR, SOX, ISO, or HIPAA.
But we go one step further and make setting up and configuring all those features quick and easy.
Security Plus comes with a configuration format that is coherent, predictable, and easy to understand: Simple setups require little to no configuration, while complex setups are straightforward to implement step by step.
If something goes wrong along the way, Security Plus provides extensive error messages and diagnostic information. The diagnostic information is not hidden in the logs, but is easily accessible by various debug modes.
We provide a stateful configuration tool called spct (“Security Plus Control Tool”). You can define connection profiles once and use these later. Thus, you don’t have to specify all connection details on each invocation, and you can configure multiple clusters with the same tool, from the same location. For example, moving a security configuration from staging to production only requires three simple commands:
    Connect to your staging system
    Download the configuration
    Upload to your production system
Security Plus also comes with an OpenSearch Dashboards Plugin that makes it possible to configure and use several authentication modes at once. Some users want to log in via OIDC, while other users are maintained in ActiveDirectory, and others are even stored in the Security Plus user database? Easy - Security Plus for Dashboards allows you to implement exactly that. Security Plus for Dashboards uses actual server-side sessions instead of cookie-based authentication information.

Eliatra Suite Alerting Plus

Eliatra Suite Alerting Plus is your go-to solution for detecting suspicious data trends in your data. It can detect simple anomalies like spikes in error rates in log files, all the way down to more complex scenarios where data from various indices and external data sources need to be correlated. You can run calculations, statistics, and trigger notifications if an anomaly is detected. Fully integrated with Security Plus.
Again, we follow the principle that easy tasks should be easy to implement and that more challenging tasks can be set up step-by-step, along with meaningful and helpful diagnostics and tools.
If an anomaly is detected, you can use a wide range of connectors to send alerting notifications: Create messages on Slack, send out an email, trigger a Pager Duty event, open a JIRA issue, write data back to OpenSearch, or post to a Webhook. Alerting Plus supports multiple connectors per Alert.
Our flexible escalation model makes it possible to tailor notifications and actions to your specific use case. Define how often alerts are sent to which connector, configure different thresholds and escalation levels, and trigger one or more alerts for each level. If a detected anomaly is resolved, you can also send out additional notifications.
Alerting Plus ships with a fully-fledged OpenSearch Dashboards user interface which only requires a couple of clicks to set up alerts. You can use the Graph mode, Blocks mode, or JSON mode based on the complexity of your use case. You can also use the extensive REST API to automate your alerting configuration fully.

Interested? Give it a Spin!

We are really excited to get the Eliatra Suite out into the world! Please send us any questions, comments or feedback via our forum. All details can be found here in our documentation.
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