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Eliatra OpenSearch Kubernetes Operator (EOKO)

To ensure continuity in operations and ensure no interruptions to your services occur, Eliatra decided to fork and maintain Opster OpenSearch Operator code.

Update January 2024: This project is not maintained anymore, since OpenSearch has now it’s own Kubernetes Operator project. We have officially joined this project as maintainers.
If you want to run OpenSearch on Kubernetes, you have a couple of options. At the time of writing, you can use the Eliatra Suite and our Helm charts for the Eliatra Suite. If you are looking for a K8s Operator rather than Helm Charts, the OpenSearch Operator provided by Opster was the de-facto standard for a long time.

Opster is Being Acquired by Elastic

Roughly two weeks ago, Opster and Elastic announced that Opster has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Elasticsearch. Of course, this immediately opens up the question of whether Opster will continue supporting both platforms, Elasticsearch and OpenSearch, or drop support for OpenSearch.
While we cannot predict what the decision of Opster and Elastic is going to be, we understand that this move can raise uncertainty in the OpenSearch community when it comes to running OpenSearch on K8s. To ensure continuity in operations and ensure no interruptions to your services occur, we decided to fork and maintain the Operator code.

Eliatra will Maintain the OpenSearch Operator

Eliatra is an official partner of OpenSearch. We work together with the OpenSearch team and contribute to the OpenSearch security plugin. We have also gathered a lot of knowledge and expertise on how to run OpenSearch (and Elasticsearch, for that matter) on K8s at scale over the years. We have published and maintained Helm Charts for OpenSearch and the Eliatra Suite. So it seemed a natural fit for us to step in and take responsibility for the Operator code. We have forked the code and will continue to publish it under Apache2 license.
You can access the project on GitHub and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns on the forum.


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