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Anton Rubin

Technical Support Engineer

Anton is a highly motivated IT professional with expertise in cybersecurity and machine learning. Skilled in breaking down complex solutions, managing large-scale projects, and streamlining processes through data analysis.

Jochen Kressin


Jochen Kressin is the Founder and CEO of Search Guard and Eliatra. Search Guard is one of the first security plugins for Elasticsearch and Kibana, so he has year-long experience providing security solutions for this ecosystem. With the advent of ODFE and finally OpenSearch, Jochen Co-founded Eliatra. Eliatra specializes in support, services, products and solutions for OpenSearch and is an official partner and contributor to the project.

Leanne Byrne

Software Engineer

Leanne is a software engineer at Eliatra with over four years of experience in front-end development. She has a strong background in biology and immunology, offering a unique perspective on health and technology.

Lucas Jeanniot

Machine Learning Engineer

Lucas is a Machine Learning Engineer at Eliatra, where he has been contributing since March 2024. In his role, Lucas focuses on advancing current projects through rigorous research and development efforts. His key responsibilities include conducting in-depth research on machine learning algorithms and models, designing and implementing solutions to address complex problems, and collaborating with teams to integrate machine learning models into Eliatra's products. He also optimizes existing ML pipelines for improved performance and scalability. Lucas brings a strong background in machine learning, statistics, and computer science, with experience in data preprocessing, feature engineering, and model evaluation.