Elastic Stack Workshops

Mix and match from 4 modules to get you started with ELK Stack or migrate to OpenSearch.

Module 1
Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • Elasticsearch installation and basic configuration
  • Forming an Elasticsearch cluster
  • Kibana installation and basic configuration
  • Architecture guidelines and best practices
  • Indexing and sharding best practices
  • Index Management
Module 2
  • Logstash installation and basic configuration
  • Input and Output plugins
  • Integrating Logstash with a secured OpenSearch cluster
  • Parsing logs with Logstash
  • Using ingest pipelines
Module 3
Beats: Filebeat
  • Filebeat installation and basic configuration
  • Filebeat Inputs and Outputs
  • Integrating Filebeat with a secured OpenSearch cluster
  • Filebeat processors
  • Using ingest pipelines
Module 4
Migrating to OpenSearch
  • Discovery questionnaire
  • Discovery session
  • Differences between the ELK Stack and OpenSearch
  • Supported migrations from ELK Stack to OpenSearch
  • Ad-hoc migration tasks/sessions
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