Do Not Disturb: Silencing the Noise

In this article, we will look at your new favourite smartphone feature to help reduce interruptions, provide improved focus, and calm the noise. An old feature with a changed use that seems to have immensely positive impacts for many.

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By eliatra

Silencing the Noise 

We are constantly surrounded by devices in order to stay connected, whether this is a smartphone, smartwatch, or laptop and these devices come with notifications and noise, notification after notification, and noise after noise. Notifications and noise interrupt everything: the task at hand, focus levels, attention, and in turn life.  
Sometimes, we need to quieten the noise even for as little as 20 minutes just to get that one important task done, just to be present while having a coffee with a friend, or even just to give ourselves a moment. Ironically, the very devices designed to disrupt and enable these notifications and noise also provide a disconnect: Do Not Disturb Mode.  

What is Do Not Disturb Mode? 

The feature was first introduced on the iPhone by apple back in 2012, originally intended to be used in the evenings as a way for users to keep their devices on without being woken or disturbed by a call or message. 
Amongst the constant noise, people have been actively looking for ways to improve focus, productivity, and wellness. As a result, there have been an increasing number of people using the function throughout the day to give themselves much-needed breaks from technology.
Give yourself the gift of silencing the noise and unbroken time.
Do Not Disturb Mode silences all notifications on the device as it closes the floodgates of app notifications to its users. The mode is flexible, it can be scheduled or manually set up and customized whilst still giving functionality and use of the device.

Scheduling Examples 

    Do Not Disturb can be set for 10 pm to 7 am so your sleep is undisturbed.
    Do Not Disturb can be on all the time, except for a one-hour window during lunch or after work.
    Default Mode - set Do Not Disturb to be on constantly.
Please note that just because you are in Do Not Disturb mode does not mean you risk missing calls from your people of importance, those you still want to receive calls from simply need to be in the “Allow calls from favourites” settings.
It is no secret that smartphones come with downsides; constant notifications are just one aspect. In our previous blog: Smartphones - The Dark Side: Addiction, Health Issues and Disconnecting From Reality, we discussed the negative connotations with smartphones. Some of the issues raised in this article were: Phone Addiction, Device Dependency, General well-being, and Mental health-related. An ever-increasing issue from the frequent use of smart devices, and especially smartphones is FOMO.

The Fear of Missing Out

FOMO – The fear of missing out. A terminology that has made its way into the Oxford dictionary, now applies to smartphones and devices more than ever, so much so that FOMO is said to increase stress levels, and anxiety, and affect sleep levels, although those who experience FOMO would most likely benefit from the Do Not Disturb feature, these same issues are also the reason the function will most likely never be utilized by some.
There are some individuals that will simply never silence the noise, however, one day we hope they will reap the benefits of doing so.

Do Not Disturb Benefits

Some people have said that the functionality of this setting has transformed their lives by eliminating the jolt of stress they feel when their phone rings, and by eliminating the little pings and notifications throughout the day that break their concentration when carrying out tasks.
Others have stated that they have been able to focus for long periods of time and find it easier to get into a more productive zone/mode and consequently resulting in an increased balance of harmony.
Today, it is a rarity to get uninterrupted time when we are constantly surrounded by information, however, this little function has the power to provide quiet and focus for as long or short of time as needed and these times can often feel wonderful.
It is so easy to get caught up in the normal of continuous notifications and needs multi-tasking, in a world where we have limited time, the time we spend is more important than ever. 

Mode On / Mode Off

What you do deserves your full attention. The people around you deserve your full attention. And especially yourself, sometimes your mind, body, and soul deserve your undivided attention. Give yourself the gift of silencing the noise and unbroken time.
Current Mode: Do Not Disturb
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