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2021 For Eliatra

As the year is coming to an end, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the turbulent last 12 months. Below are some key milestones and elements we would like to share with you.

As the year is coming to an end, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the turbulent last 12 months. Below are some key milestones and elements we would like to share with you.

Most Rewarding Aspect

Of all that was achieved in 2021, attending events in person has to be one of our highlights! We were at the Big Data & AI World conference in Paris in December. Being there in person is a very different experience to attending a conference virtually, and we really appreciated meeting customers and prospects in person. Read more about the events here.

Most Challenging Aspect

As a new company, we are exceptionally fortunate to have been warmly accepted by the industry and to have an incredible number of inquiries coming in. However the fast pace expansion and keeping on track of everything administratively is naturally challenging. Whilst helping customers with their urgent needs we are trying to keep up with the day to day developments in our market, looking for new team members and getting round to everything running an organisation entails! We are busy, motivated and excited to be here.

Most Unexpected Aspect

What a year it has been for our ecosystem! From the license change of Elasticsearch, to AWS providing a fork of Elastic 7.16.2 to keep up the open source spirit around Big Data Search and then the Log4J issues at the end of the year, there have been lots of challenges for everybody in our industry. We as a company have established our services to provide you with our technical and strategic support, and help you to act as stable and safe with your product & service for your client. We are encouraged by the steady healthy growth and adoption rate of OpenSearch and are 100% committed to the open source community.

Most Gratifying Aspect

The people we work with, our customers, our users, and the Eliatra team are all wonderful people. Our users face so many challenges but are always cooperative and focussed on the goal. Our team is very connected even though we are completely remote-first, we are all motivated and unified. This year our team grew from three to 18 and although we may still be getting used to the logistics of a bigger group, it’s really nice that we can no longer all fit at the four seated kitchen table. We are a team, and that in itself is hugely gratifying.
2021 Eliatra Christmas

Top Three Blog Articles

1: OpenSearch Security Part 2: Basic Setup In this article we walk you through a basic OpenSearch security setup using the demo configuration and the internal user database. Read more. 2: OpenSearch Security Part 1: Concepts OpenSearch comes with built-in security. The role-based security model makes it possible to implement fine-grained access control. Read the article here. 3: OpenSearch Security Part 3: Adding Users and Roles In this third part of our OpenSearch Security series we will show you how to set up users and roles to control access to indices and data. Full article.

2022 Goals

Growth growth growth! Next year we want to get organisations started with OpenSearch installation and support companies migrating to OpenSearch. As a new company we know that there is plenty to come as we expand and develop and we are ready to take it all on!
We hope the end of the year brings all of us a little rest and recreation, and everyone is able to spend some time with those close to us. We wish you all Happy Holidays and Cheers to 2022 - See you there.
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